10 Things You May Not Know About Sons of Anarchy

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While I’m preparing for one of the best comic cons in the U.S., the Alamo City Comic Con, I’m brushing up on trivia. It’s a great way to break the ice with someone at a con whether you’re striking up a conversation while in line with fans, or if you happen to cross paths with a celebrity. Also, I’m a librarian. Trivia is like a drug. So here are 10 things you may not have known about the FX series, Sons of Anarchy.

1. Scott Glenn was originally cast as Clay Morrow.

Scott Glenn, who you may recognize from the film “Training Day,” or more recently in the Netflix hit series, “Daredevil,” was originally cast to play biker leader Clay Morrow. Below is Glenn in the pilot episode.


2. The actor who plays Chibs, Tommy Flanagan, the scars on his cheeks are real.

Tommy Flanagan’s “Glasgow smile,” as it’s referred to, are real scars he endured in a knife attack outside a nightclub where he worked as a DJ.


3. NBA star Carmelo Anthony appeared in season 7.

Carmelo Anthony, currently playing for the New York Knicks, appears briefly in season 7 as one of the henchmen of a gang who hands his boss a knife.


4. Stephen King’s character is named for King’s pen name. 

Stephen King appeared in a cameo in season 3 as a character named Bachman. Richard Bachman is King’s pen name.


5. Boom! Studios published a Sons of Anarchy comic book.

There are currently 23 issues.



6. David Labrava was a real member of Hell’s Angels MC.

David Labrava, who plays Happy Lowman on Sons of Anarchy, was hired as a technical advisor but asked for a chance to be on the show. Labrava has remained quiet about his involvement with the Hell’s Angels but says he is an inactive member and is in good standing with the club.


 7. Tig Trager suffered from pediophobia.

The character Tig suffered from a fear of dolls. The creator of Sons of Anarchy, Kurt Sutter, has the same phobia in real life.


8. Sons of Anarchy had a wealth of cameos.

Including Courtney Love, Marilyn Manson, Henry Rollins, Danny Trejo, Tom Arnold, Lea Michele, Malcolm-Jamaal Warner, Joel McHale, and David Hasselhoff.



9. The actor who played “Half Sack” died in real life under unusual circumstances.

Johnny Lewis, who had the role of loveable prospect “Half Sack,” dealt with drug abuse issues and it was reported he experimented with a synthetic drug called Smiles. He reportedly killed an elderly woman and dismembered her cat before he fell from the roof to his death in Los Angeles. Read more here.



10. The shows creator, Kurt Sutter, has a role on SOA.

Sutter makes frequent cameos throughout the series as Otto Delaney, a member of Sons of Anarchy who is incarcerated.


I’m looking forward to meeting actors from SAMCRO and the lineup for Alamo City Comic Con is impressive. Check out the many events they have planned at http://alamocitycomiccon.com/



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