#12DaysofDeadpool – Day #3

It’s the third day of Christmas and the merc with a mouth is still going strong. Day one we got a beautiful profile of a ‘Loaded’ weapon, day two saw Deadpool playfully posing as Santa with a bashful Ryan Reynolds. And what wonders does day 3 bring to us?

Today’s magical gift was found over at Deviant Art thanks to a tweet by Mr. Ryan Reynolds.

day 3 tweet

It seems that Deadpool may be a fan of Home Alone…


According to Deadpool’s friend ‘Heidi’, whose profile describes her as a ‘Master of Sarcasm’…

The countdown continues!  The world’s most unconventional antihero, Deadpool, is jingling his bells and stroking his yule log on day three of #12DaysOfDeadpool with this spring-loaded, nut-punching battle plan.  And you’ll only find this exclusive piece of content, in all its crayon-y glory, here on DeviantArt!

With the holiday season upon us, Deadpool pays homage to classic ‘Home Alone’ memories by answering the question, “What would happen if Deadpool was the one left to defend his house?”  Never one to miss out on giving a pounding, Deadpool puts a new spin on Kevin’s plan by beefing up booby traps and sprinkling liberally with honey badgers.

day 3 tweet 1