7 Awesome Cosplay Costume Ideas

7 awesome costume ideas

The world of cosplay is insane and addictive. Every year, thousands of people across the globe participate in events like Comic-Con and dress up as their favorite characters. They plan their outfits carefully and write a guideline essay on how they will create their dream outfit. Most professional cosplayers claim to upload their ideas to their blogs.

7 awesome costume ideas

If you’re new to cosplaying, don’t worry. We’ve compiled some fantastic ideas for you. Whether it’s photographer costume ideas you want, or cosplay photoshoot tips where you’ll be in front of the camera, we’ve got you covered. Here is our list of the best cosplay tips ever:

Persephone and Hades (Lore Olympus)

Everyone’s familiar with the Greek legend of Hades, Lord of the Underworld, and his young bride, Persephone. In Webtoon’s adaptation of this story, we see an exciting new presentation of our favorite mythical characters. While the ancient tales tell of gods and goddesses who looked just like exalted human beings, in Lore Olympus, there is one significant change: all the characters have colored skin!

We’re talking hot pinks, deep blues, regal purples, and glimmering golds. Hades is midnight blue, whereas Persephone dazzles in a striking pink hue. When cosplaying these characters, you will have to color your visible skin accordingly. Just remember to use skin-friendly body paint, and you’re good to go!

Hades is often seen rocking a fantastic tailored pantsuit. Persephone wears her signature white dress. The costumes are relatively easy, save for the colored skin. Hades and Persephone make an excellent, fun couple’s cosplay costume. But they can also be cosplayed individually.

Bonus Cosplay Tips: Use a setting spray to protect your body paint

Jugyeong (True Beauty: The Secret of Angel)

Jugyeong lives two lives. When she’s not the beautiful, outgoing, Instagram-famous girl who everyone wants to be friends with, she’s just Jugyeong, the weird girl with acne scars and a flair for horror stories. This is an exciting character to Cosplay because you can express the duality of her nature by dividing your body vertically into two. Choose one side to represent the outgoing Jugyeong, and the other to portray her everyday version.

7 awesome costume ideas 2

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Bonus Cosplay Tips: For Jugyeong, wear a wig with one half short hair and another half long hair. Remember only to do half your face in makeup and leave the other half bare for an authentic Jugyeong-like vibe. Alternatively, to show that she is a student, you could hold up a speech bubble saying, “write my essay.”

Number One (Kids Next Door)

Old is gold, and it doesn’t get better than Number One from Kids Next Door. It is one of the best photographer costume ideas because of how simple it is. All you need for Number One is a red sweatshirt and khaki shorts.

7 awesome costume ideas 2

Light Yagami (Death Note)

If you’re into Cosplay or anime, you’ve probably heard of Death Note. The manga, and anime series, follows the life of Light Yagami, a high-schooler who finds the mysterious Death Note. All you need for Light’s costume is a beige jacket, greenish-grey dress pants, a crisp white blouse, and his signature tie.

7 awesome costume ideas 2

Cosplay Photoshoot Tips: If you’re having a photoshoot as Light Yagami, it’s smart to bring along a few accessories. A red apple would work great. Yagami is a student, after all. To sum it all up, accessorize your outfit with your very own Death Note!

Misty (Pokémon)

Who doesn’t love Misty? This famous Pokémon character is from the very first season of the award-winning show. Her outfit is relatively simple, too. Misty wears a simple yellow sleeveless cropped top and blue shorts on red suspenders. And let’s not forget her signature red sneakers.

7 awesome costume ideas 2

Cosplay Photoshoot Tips: What good is a Pokémon trainer without their very own Pokeball? If you’re having a photoshoot and want to go full-out with your costume, get yourself a Pokeball accessory!

Japanese Schoolgirl (Multiple Anime and Manga)

Almost every Japanese media production out there has a traditional Japanese schoolgirl in it. They may or may not be central in the plot, but they are always there. Now, you can be one, too. It is a simple costume with very low demands. You will need a white school shirt, a grey or short blue skirt, knee-high socks and Mary Jane shoes. It’s that simple!

7 awesome costume ideas 2

Photographer Costume Ideas: If you plan on walking around your next comic con and snapping some pictures, a low-maintenance costume like this one is ideal. To improve the look of your outfit, grab your favorite backpack. The best part is that it will double-up as a place to store all your photography gear.

Ken (Street Fighter)

7 awesome costume ideas 2

Ken is a classic character from the world of Street Fighter. He wears an orange Japanese-style robe, but without sleeves. He also has choppy, long blonde hair. Ken is a relatively simple character to Cosplay, making him a great choice for beginners.

In conclusion, there are many different costumes to choose from when it comes to Cosplay. The main idea, though, is to have fun when dressing up. So, go ahead and choose a character you are passionate about and go wild!