A Baymax You Can Call Your Own

Hairy Baby!

Okay maybe it won’t be able to diagnose your childs illness or disinfect their booboos, but this Baymax will give them comfort at night.

From Big Hero 6 your child (or you) can now pre-order this adorable Baymax shape light. He has five modes including Fade, Smooth Breathing, Flash, Multi-effects and soothing sleep. It also have 4 brightness settings from 100% down to 25%, which you can control form the convenient remote.

Soothing Sleep mode makes this a perfect nightlight for your children. Baymax start at 80% brightness and over 12 minutes he gradually decreases his light output to just 10%, providing enough light to see by, but a gradual enough change not to disturb your child.

With a moveable head and arms you can put him in all sorts of adorable positions. He is powered by USB, so you could even let him be your computer companion.

Check him out and look at getting your order in today.