A New Hawkeye is on the Market, Check Him Out

I think I have found my next purchase.

Several years ago I picked up this classic version of Hawkeye.

classic hawkeye

Now they have a new updated Hawkeye out, so how can I resist.
modern hawkeyeIf you are a fan of the Hawkeye, Matt Fraction & David Aja, then this is the next action figure you need to get. This 7” figure comes dressed in his black costume and for accessories he has a bow (of course,) six arrows, a gun, an interchangeable left hand (so he can nock,) a gun and best of all a second head. There are many times that we could all use a second head but in this case it is very appropriate. We all know how often Clint gets into a fight and the second head shows him in the aftermath…. all bandaged up. So now, you can have both before and after action poseable Hawkeye figures.

This figure is very true to the comics, even down to the two quivers (back and hip.)

As an added bonus you also get Hawkeye’s loyal companion…Pizza dog. Well actually his name is Lucky and before that he was Arrow. Arrow rescued Hawkeye and in turn Clint decided to rescue him and name him Lucky. After that he became Pizza dog…. to figure it all out you really need to read the first comic.

You find Hawkeye and Pizza dog on the Marvel toy Webstore for $24.95

images courtesy of Marvel Toys
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