A Remake of Rocky Horror? Oh the Horror!


For the 40th Anniversary Fox is working on a two hour Rocky Horror Picture Show remake. The show is tentatively named “The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event” and would be an adaption of the original 1973 musical by Richard O’Brien.

rocky horror1
The musical was remade into the classic 1975 version, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” movie starring Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon that we all know and love. This is the longest running theatrical distribution for any film.

rocky horror2

The TV adaption has been running the circuit for quite a while. The original idea for the TV show surfaced in 2002 and was intended at a 2003 release for the 30th anniversary of the original musical, obviously that never occurred so it was shelved. The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event is now back on the tables and they have some serious plans to proceed.