A Story of Genocide and Revenge – Operation Nemesis: A Devil’s Due Graphic Novel


What is Operation Nemesis the graphic novel about:

Writer Josh Blaylock has taken two of my loves which are comic books and my appreciation of finding out actual historical facts by doing ones own research. Josh, blended the two into one deep dark courtroom drama later turned spy thriller. Blaylock has brilliantly interwoven the two worlds of comics and history into one heart stopping tale that is almost too disturbing to even read…..but you must keep on reading for you too must find out the truth by the end. During the backdrop of the horrid secret killings that took place in the 1890’s and ultimately culminated in the mass genocide of the late 1910’s amongst the chaos of WWI.

Operation Nemesis the graphic novel untangled what the public knows of the true-life events of an assassination on the open streets of Germany during broad daylight, that eventually saw the very same assassin go to public court in the most tumultuous trial of its time!

Then we get to the actual truth of a super secret spy mission named Operation Nemesis. A mission set out to avenge the genocide of 1.7 million of their own Armenian people.

What Josh Blaylock has done with his story:

Josh Blaylock the comic book writer, most well-known for his independent self-created company Devil’s Due, has penned quite the creative tale with Operation Nemesis. As Josh points out in the intro, his past work has been filled by more what you would call a true comic book material background like G.I. Joe, Mercy Sparx and Voltron. Josh has never embarked on a tale of not only this magnitude but also a tale of real graphic history. Josh pulled it off flawlessly with the help of artist Hoyt Silva, some very passionate fellow researchers and producer to the book David H. Krikorian.

For one, this is not just a simple single tale. Josh not only handled his writing duties but also had the painstaking task of piecing together an age-old court trial and digging into the past to find truth along with what has been fabricated. Fabricated for what end cause? Josh and the fantastic artist of the graphic novel have told a tale that can be understood from the desolate viewpoint of those Armenians in persecution and of the assassin who was thrust into such a public trial. Quite the feat to take on but Operation Nemesis gives you all of this nicely packaged into a well written and illustrated graphic novel.

The records show what the public was supposed to hear….to finally uncover the atrocities of a nations mass genocide, the killing of an entire race by the hands of another nation. What really happened in the background to avenge those deaths is the stuff of legend.

News inserts and the ending of the book:

One thing I personally like to do is my very own fact checking when I’m learning something for the first time from a book, movie or TV show. I like to read the differences of what the public sees compared to the actual truth of the matter. Blaylock has already prepared all of that for you in the Operation Nemesis graphic novel. With the additions of the bone-chilling news clippings, pictures and trial records of the events that took place 100 years ago, it gives much validity and voice to all those souls lost in the Armenian genocide!

The unspoken genocide which took place in a time with no internet or instant news with the capability to give the public those graphic pictures for people at the time to confirm. These were different times and sadly not much proof can be found of what really happened. But there is some proof; there are some survivors of the genocide, the genocide has been confirmed by many nations around the world and 40 of our U.S. States recognize and condemn Turkey for not taking responsibility or even acknowledging the truths.


My Recommendation:

A book I give 5 our of 5 stars! Reads better then most courtroom drama movies!

Honestly I don’t think I could recommend a book any higher! It’s perfect for a comic fan, a history buff and a historical fact finder, Operation Nemesis gave me so much that I enjoyed to read and didn’t enjoy to learn about (the mass gruesome killings). That is history though…..we all learn from our pasts and the past is not always pretty. Operation Nemesis is a look back at an event in time the general public is not even aware of.

The story telling does jump around a bit like a novel would and could get someone confused when a new character or name is introduced but not yet seen. Trust me, by the time you get to finish reading the captivating complex story-lines involved, it all comes together like a puzzle you can fully take in by the end. Operation Nemesis graphic novel is a MUST OWN/BUY!


Let us take a look back at what history has told us of the events found in Operation Nemesis:

As I said, I LOVE to do my very own history fact-checking and, after learning of the atrocities of the Armenian genocide and reading Operation Nemesis, I have come to a deep understanding and awareness of its place in history and how it affected so many lives.


During the final years of the Ottoman Empire, history tells of a long aged genocide of an estimated 1.5 million Armenian victims; the persecution was in the years 1894 to 1896.  With World War I in progress, the Turks accused the (Christian) Armenians liable to ally with the enemy Russia, and the Turks used this as a pretext to keep up their killings and the ethnic cleansing of the Armenians entire Armenian population as supposed enemies within the Turks empire. All the killings is finally culminating into the events of the Armenian genocide in 1915 and 1916.

The Turkish governments since that time has widely rejected charges of such a genocide. The Turkish official stance on the matter is that those Armenians who died were simply in the way of a war or that any killings of Armenians were justified by their individual or collective support for the enemies of the Ottoman Empire. After almost a decade of cover-ups and denials of their actions, the leader Turks finally met their demise – That is where Operation Nemesis comes in.

The Armenian Genocide was studied and inspired a young German dictator named Adolf to a plan of action for his future rise to power. Hitler would use the Armenian genocide in his speeches to justify his ethnic cleaning of the Jews to start WWII.

Please check out the novel Project Nemesis by author Eric Bogosian.



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