A True-Life Superhero Meets a Tragic End

lenny robinson3It is a dark day when lady luck turns a blind eye and lets a hero die, unfortunately that is what happened to the Route 29 Batman. We would love to say that his demise was the result of a daring rescue or a deadly battle with the Joker, but unfortunately it was not.lenny robinson4On Saturday night he had pulled the Batmobile into a gas station. As usual the car attracted attention and even though he was not in his Batman persona, Lenny Robinson, did not fail to impress. The Maryland resident spoke with a few people and distributed superhero paraphernalia to the children before heading on his way.
lenny robinson2A few minutes later he apparently had engine trouble and pulled over to the median on an unlit section of I-70, just outside of Hagerstown, MD. The people he had just met at the gas station pulled over behind him with their emergency lights on and shortly thereafter, tragedy befell our superhero.lenny robinson1Unfortunately, the Batmobile was still partially in the fast lane when Robinson got out to check the vehicle and a Toyota Camry slammed into the modified Lamborghini, pushing it into the Batman Impersonator and killing him instantly.

lenny robinson5The driver of the Camry was uninjured and no charges have been filed, but the crash is still under investigation.

Leonard Robinson made his money in the cleaning business and was in the habit of giving back tot he community. He spent thousands of dollars on a Lamborghini customized to be a 1960’s style Batmobile and his signature Batman costume. He was a regular at hospitals and fundraisers, putting smiles on faces and handing out Batman autographed trinkets to children.

He was an inspiration to many even before a video of him pulled over by the Montgomery County police went viral.https://youtu.be/1GGSF8Kfxk8

In an online chat with the Post he explained why he thought Batman was such a popular character with children, “Batman is the only superhero that doesn’t have superpowers,” he said. “He’s naturally a superhero. Kids can relate to me a lot better.”

There are hundreds of stories of his interaction with children and the hope that he provided them. He helped many find their way through troubled times.lenny robinson6

A hero has been laid to rest, but his memory will live on in the hearts and minds of many.

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