[Ad] Biggest slot jackpots in the 20th and 21st century

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Over the years, jackpot slot wins have been one of the most talked about experiences in the world of gaming and indeed, online slots you can play at slotzo.com.

These big wins prove that you don’t need to spend a bucket load of money to make a bucket load of money, and show that it is really true that anyone can be a winner. 

Record winnings

In 2013, one lucky winner got to win a huge win on Mega Moolah, but this was soon over ridden by a Finnish player who then won more on the Mega Fortune slot, and now both have around $20 million in the bank, so even though the Finnish player is rumoured to have won $30,000 less than the Brit winner, it would be untrue to say either lost out on anything really.

The Finnish winner is said to have been around 18 years old too, and he was about to give up before deciding to carry on, which is wise because sometimes it’s just not your lucky day. But he persevered, and it turned out it was for him after all as he hit the record breaking jackpot.

In 2011, a young Norwegian could not sleep. So what do they do? What every other young person does when they can not sleep – he goes online.

Online, he plays a big jackpot slot, and with Mega Fortune he won about $12.5 million. This proves that insomnia is not always a bad thing.

Then, in 2016 a man named Marcus Goodwin tried his luck while he decided to play on the slot game Mega Moolah, and then the big jackpot struck on November 5th, 2016 and he walked away with a whopping sum of $11.6 million in his pocket.

Another lad who did good with an online casino, he recorded a video to celebrate his fantastic win and explained he did not really know what he would do to get through all of that money, but there is no doubt he will not find it hard to put it to good use. 

Mobile Jackpot

But the wins and the fun is not limited to solely the online jackpots and casino slots. Mega Moolah was clearly feeling more generous than some other games in 2016, and another player before Godwin hit a huge total from the Zodiac Casino, from his mobile game.

He took home the 7.9 euro million jackpot and this has so far been the highest recorded jackpot win from a mobile phone ever since.

Now onto one of the biggest jackpot wins in general history so far. One lucky lady who remains anonymous, won a huge 7.6 million euro jackpot playing Hall of Gods in Sweden, in Feb 2012.

Another player in Sweden wins a huge 7.3 million euros in Betsson, also home to an almost identical win back in 2012. This amount was under 20,000 and the lucky player won a life changing amount of money again playing Hall of Gods, and this win counts as the 8th biggest jackpot win so far on online slots.