Alexis Noriega’s Crooked Feather Prop Wings

Alexis Noriega is truly winging it when it comes to propmaking.

wings (600x450)

The owner of The Crooked Feather is a self-taught costume designer that specializes in wings. The variety of wings she makes are spectacular. Everything from small cherub like wings to massive pneumatically operated falcon wings. There isn’t much this girl can’t seem to do when it comes to wings.

Her wings have been used in the Miss USA International Competition by the 4th runner-up, Lindsay Becker and by Keri Dryer, the 2015 first place Fitness Model and 3rd place Bikini Diva in the WBFF Fitness Atlantic Pro.

wings2 (600x584)

Her wings are in high demand and according to her website she is already booked through August, if you really want a set of her wings, you better book a spot now.

wings3 (450x600)