All the Highlights From the Cast of Batman v Superman on Conan

The cast of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice are making the media rounds promoting the film. They recently stopped by the Conan O’Brien show and had quite a bit of things to say. Everything from Ben Affleck running into former Batman Christian Bale, Gal Gadot talking about her breasts, and Jesse Eisenberg with a naked Michael Shannon dummy. Sit back and enjoy!

Ben loved that this Batman was “really f***ed up,” while Henry was in a very important dungeon when he got his casting news.

When he ran into the previous Batman, Ben was shocked–mostly because he didn’t realize Christian was British.

Ben’s been part of a few celebrity name mashups, and isn’t sure this one’s a winner.

Critics thought Gal wasn’t busty enough to play Wonder Woman, but Gal cooly reminds them that real Amazonians had one breast lopped off.

If you ever sit next to Amy at restaurant, beware! She’s eavesdropping on you right now.

When you’re surrounded by such towering perfect specimens as Henry Cavill &​ Ben Affleck, you can’t help but feel a little supervillain fury.

Jesse spent a lot of time with a wax dummy of the former General Zod which wasn’t QUITE anatomically correct.

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