Arnold Schwarzenegger New Zombie Drama “Maggie” – Is It His Best Movie Ever?!


“Maggie” is the name of the young girl of a desperate father who is in search of his daughter who has run away to survive in the city. She is somewhere out there alone in a post apocalyptic (but still surviving) world. After finding Maggie in a hospital who is already infected with the zombie changing virus, Wade returns her home.

The isolated and scared teen who has to deal with being bitten by an “infected” is now having to live in her own home where even some in Maggie’s family are too scared to be around her. while she must also fear the day that she will be taken in by the authorities for quarantine. That is the day she and her loving father know there is no turning back.


“Maggie” is such a tough emotionally riveting drama that digs its nails so deeply at the emotional side of loss in family during a zombie apocalypse. This I feel is something that has been seriously lacking very much in all zombie shows and films today. Meaning that in today’s shows, with so much main character deaths for ratings and the need to move the pace of the show too quickly we miss empathy. The lack of physiological impact from deep emotional loss seems to have given way to a more desensitized feel in all the zombie material out there today. Maggie is so emotionally charged from beginning to end that if you have not felt anything throughout this film, you are as cold-hearted as the zombies portrayed in the movie.


How does an everyday man deal with the sorrow of having his very own daughter  slowly…..methodically……….changing…….dying…….turning into a zombie in front of his very own eyes. In this virus world, the infection “bites” take an almost unbearable amount of time to change the living into the flesh craving creatures that have passed in life. It actually takes weeks for an “infected” person to make the full change, so having to live with the virus is quite the common life changing ordeal for every family In a town.

In a simple way to explain this movie, which is not simple at all……think of a father and daughter having to deal with an infection everyone is afraid of and is also killing her at the same time. When it comes down to it can the heartbroken father do what is needed to be done……..


“Maggie” is an extremely sorrowful truthful touching take on a zombie tale. It is what I am truly most fond of in zombie survival stories…….the aspects of “what would you do and feel if this was really happening to you?” This will appeal more to an older family crowd then the younger generations that are not old enough to have kids of their own.

Arnold and Abigail Breslin hands down do their best acting ever in this film! “Maggie” Is out in theaters now or can be digitally streamed on services like VUDU. This movie is very highly recommended!!


Breslin’s career highlights already include performance in Signs (2002), Zombieland (2009), My Sisters Keeper (2009), The Call (2013) and not to mention an Oscar nomination for her work in Little Miss Sunshine (2006).

“Maggie” trailer:

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  1. Nice Review i was surprised because i was expecting a typical Arnie action film when you hear the word zombie but this is his best acting performance but not his best film.

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