Attack on Titan: Junior High Anime Coming in October

attack on titan junior high
Attack on Titan: Junior High Promotional Poster

It’s a long wait until we get a second season of Attack on Titan, but in the meantime we can still get our Titan fix. The Attack on Titan Live-Action Movie hits North American theaters this fall, and they just announced a new entry into the Titan world.

Attack on Titan: Junior High 2

On Friday, Production I.G. released news that there would be an Attack on Titan spin-off called Attack on Titan: Junior High. The new series is set to premiere in October and is based off the popular manga series of the same name.

Attack on Titan: Junior High 1

Though it may be better to refer to it as an alternate universe as they seem to be chibi-type characters. This new anime takes our favorite characters and transforms them into high school teachers and students making it a more lighthearted show than the original which is well known for it’s gritty and hard hitting qualities.

Check out the promo for Attack on Titan: Junior High:



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