Attack On Titan Movie: “End of the World” Trailer Has Ultra Gory Titan-Eating-Human Action!!


It is here folks, the moment you all have been waiting for! From the first news of the manga classic, turned anime favorite – Attack On Titan was becoming a live action movie…….all we wanted to see is highly graphic scenes of mega-giant titans eating humans in the most gorific ways possible!! Oh yeah, let’s not forget wanting to see how the hell film makers were going to interact CGI with the high-wire high-flying acting of the 3D maneuvering devices the legions use to fight back the titans with. I have watched the full Attack on Titan movie and at the end of the film there is a cut scene  3/4 of the way into the final credits (just like Marvel movies). Though this time it is the trailer for the second part of the film Attack on Titan 2: End of the World.

Below is the newest trailer released for AoT, but with footage of Attack on Titan 2 – “End of the World” integrated. This is the trailer I have been dying to see, watch it below!

Here is the newest Attack On Titan movie trailer #3 (with scenes of Attack on Titan 2 “End of the World”

While it is not the most perfect special effects we see here in the U.S. (because we are spoiled little brats) most mainstream movie goers here will look at this as a flop. I for one think though the it is as good as it’s going to get for live action AoT. If the Japanese can’t do it, I don’t hold out much hope for U.S. movie studios and producers coming even close to the source material as AoT will at least try to be. I for one cannot wait till the movie hits the states! What do you think of the trailer so far?

FUNimation has acquired Attack on Titan movie rights!


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