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UPDATED- Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Enhanced Movie Trailer Details!

Stage has been set folks……it will officially come down to a fist fight between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel as the newly released ‘Enhanced” IMAX trailer showed last night! I really expected and wanted to see Wonder Woman or one of the other “Seven” that will be “United” in the IMAX exclusive trailer when Dawn Of Justice hits theaters in 2016. But what we got instead was not too bad as we got to see the very final scene of the “enhanced” IMAX trailer last night at select cinemas.


I was lucky enough to get tickets to go see the trailer in Barrington IL. AMC’s theater and I just made it in time as well.

Due to crazy traffic heading into Chicago and missing an exit I almost didn’t make it to the special event. Just getting there in time and being told by staff to RUN to the IMAX theater I got in my seat just as the trailer began. Nothing new from the previous “non-enhanced” throughout the main body of the trailer. It was at the very end after the now famous line from Ben Affleck’s Batman.

Do you bleed?

Then we got the new extra footage as we now see Superman and Batman inside a destroyed building facing off again against one another. Superman lets out a yell and Batman’s suit charges up for a dash boost and both superheros charge at one another and when they clash…..the trailer is over! Just like they do so often in the comic books the Dark Knight and The Man of Steel will have one epic fight before finally realizing they both play for the same side in the end.

Zack Snyder than comes on-screen and thanks the crowd for coming out and Snyder confirms that the lucky people in the screening are the only ones who get to see the extra “enhanced” trailer and that the final Batman v Superman showdown at the very end of the trailer was being shown in true IMAX as the film will be when release. Than the audience got another treat by Zack playing the trailer once more so we all got to watch it TWICE!

After the screening WB event staff handed out the exclusive posters to those leaving the theater and had the audience give WB their email addresses. I could not confirm with even staff if the digital comic will be sent to everyone emails as I have reported in my other article Snyder Confirmed “enhanced” trailer and giveaways!


The turn out was spectacular and from what I could gather from fans leaving the event…..everybody was happy!

The newest trailers have really gotten me a whole lot more excited for “Dawn of Justice,” we will all have to wait a bit longer it seems to get any real confirmed looks at Wonder Woman. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes out in 2016!

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