Petition Delivered From Top Gears ‘The Stig’ on a TANK to BBC did not work to reinstate Jeremy Clarkson FIRED!!

The Stig on a tank!!

Top Gear the authentic original British version, has been dealing with quite a bit of turmoil lately. It seems one of the stars of the show Top Gear has gotten into a bit of trouble. The ever so eccentric co-host Jeremy Clarkson has been fired from the show for a ‘fracas’ he had with a producer.

Now it seems that the BBC has just had enough of Jeremy Clakson and will sack the show host on Wednesday.

Jeremy Clarkson fired from Too Gear!!

The rumor that has been reported is that Clarkson allegedly punched show producer Oisin Tymon and called him a “Lazy, Irish C#%+” after Tymon reportedly failed to get Clarkson a hot meal by the end of a day of Top Gear shooting. A BBC investigation is currently underway into the ‘fracas’, that has allegedly left Tymon with a bloodied lip and needing hospital treatment – The Mirror reports. BBC then placed Clarkson on leave and Jeremy has cooperated fully with the BBC investigation, but the 54-year-old has yet to apologize for his actions. started a reinstatement petition, by political blogger Guido Fawkes last week. Guido Fawkes began the petition that “Stig,” the Top Gear show ‘mascot’ (if you will,) would hand deliver to BBC director of television Danny Cohen. The petition, which is nearing one million signatures, will be brought to the BBC on a tank by Stig.

With this overwhelming fan support co-host James May and Richard Hammond are refusing to film any remaining episodes of Top Gear episodes without Jeremy. It really puts BBC in a very tough spot….but than again Jeremy Clarkson is doing himself no favors by still blasting the BBC in public. During a dinner speech, Clarkson called the powers-that-be in charge of the BBC “fucking bastards.” If he wasn’t in trouble before, he certainly didn’t help his situation with those inflammatory remarks!

The Stig tried his best
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