“Better Call Saul” Writer Reveals Origin of the Chicago Sunroof


One of the best things about Vince Gilligan and the talented staff of “Better Call Saul” are the one-liners and quips that stay with us long after an episode. And such occurred with the “Chicago sunroof” in the finale. Jimmy is at his wit’s end and tells us what led to his arrest and jail time. According to Esquire, who interviewed writer Peter Gould, the Chicago sunroof was completely made up by the writers. Although the phrase may now be entered into our lexicon, its origin begins with the writers of “Better Call Saul.”

Gould also states that when they mentioned the “Chicago Sunroof” in episode 3 and fans began theorizing what it meant, they came up with outlandish assumptions. One such theory was that it was when you fart forcefully into someone’s face that it resembles the Windy City.

I like “Better Call Saul’s” definition.