Bobbi Kristina Brown; Dead at 22! Daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.

Bobbi Kristina; Dead at 22 Daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.

It has been reported that Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter Bobbi Kristina has died at the age of 22.


The young woman who grew up in front of Americas eyes as a baby in pictures with her famous parents, then as a young girl on the set of “Being Bobby Brown” and was never too far from her mothers spotlight. Bobbi Kristina has had one tumultuous life that has ended in an eerie death similar to that of her Mother.


The Houston family announced the news via a statement from their rep.

“Bobbi Kristina Brown passed away July, 26 2015, surrounded by her family,” the statement says. “She is finally at peace in the arms of God. We want to again thank everyone for their tremendous amount of love and support during these last few months.”

Bobbi Kristina was officially announced dead outside Atlanta in the hospice care facility where she’s been cared for since June 24 … when Pat Houston and Bobby Brown had to agree and withdraw medicine keeping Bobbi alive. This  must have been a tremendously hard decision for both sides of the families who never got along since the whole incident began. But after a specialist had told them there was no chance for recovery the signs had been showing. Since last week reports of family members from both sides of the family were coming to pay last respects. Family members also cleared out the apartment rented for Bobbi as well.


Bobbi Kristina’s tragic death comes nearly six months after she was found unresponsive in a bathtub in her Roswell, Georgia, home on Saturday, Jan. 31. Bobbi Kristina, who was mysteriously found submerged in her bathtub, and police believe she was underwater for anywhere between 2 and 5 minutes. Paramedics were able to resuscitate her, but she was in a medically induced coma and placed on life support. Since then she has never fully regained consciousness and was being kept on life support following the near-drowning.


In June, Bobbi Kristina was transferred to hospice after her condition “continued to deteriorate,” Pat Houston said in a statement at the time.

People Magazine is also reporting from a Brown family source;

“She has been losing weight, she’s been losing hair. They were taking good care of her, but she has no muscle tone at all. There has been some worry that her organs are shutting down,” the source said. The Brown family source also told People magazine Bobbi Kristina was “skin and bones” just prior to moving to hospice.

Reports of an “inconsolable” father, Bobby Brown, has been maintaining a bedside vigil following his daughters hospitalization.

“Her family is right there with her,” said the source. “They sing to her and talk to her. They just want her to feel that they are there by her side. They hold her hand a lot and pray with her too – even if she doesn’t know that they are there. In spirit, she knows. They have always tried to be there for her.”

Bobbi Kristina’s death came more than three years after the similar mysterious Feb. 11, 2012, death of her mother, who was also discovered unconscious in her bathtub just before the 2012 Grammy Awards. An investigation later determined that the legendary singer died from accidental drowning, and a toxicology report found that she had cocaine, marijuana, Xanax, Benadryl and other medication in her system.


Several family insiders told People Magazine that the death anniversary had hit Bobbi Kristina – who struggled with her own substance abuse issues – hard. On Jan. 26, she Tweeted about missing her mother, writing, “Miss you mommy … :’) SO much … loving you more every sec.”


At only 18 years old when her mother died, Bobbi Kristina became the sole inheritor of Houston’s estate. The inheritance was estimated at nearly $115 million.

“I still feel her everywhere,” Bobbi Kristina Brown said on the 2012 reality show “The Houstons: On Our Own”. “She’s still around me and that’s what keeps me comfortable, is knowing that my best friend, my everything, is still with me.”

Bobbi Kristina made a lot of people wonder when she went public with her relationship with Nick Gordon, who was raised as Houston’s son and Bobbi Kristina’s brother but was never formally adopted by the singer. Despite claiming that they had tied the knot last January, the couple were not legally wed, Bobby Browns attorney said on Feb. 3.

Gordon and Bobby Brown had many public arguments including a Gordon fight in the months following Bobbi Kristina’s hospitalization. Gordon claimed that Bobby Brown and his family were refusing to let him see Bobbi Kristina. Bobby’s legal team said that Gordon then had to meet conditions in order to gain visits once again. Nick Gordon did himself no favors by going on the Dr. Phil Show while drugged up on pills mixed with alcohol. The Dr. Phil / Nick Gordon interview was a very disturbing look at a very troubled young man who only has more to answer for now with the official death of Bobbi Kristina Brown. During the ensuing drama, Gordon checked into rehab, which he completed in late April.

In June, Bobbi Kristina’s conservators filed a $10 million civil lawsuit against Nick Gordon, accusing him of assaulting, fleecing and controlling her when they lived together. TMZ broke the story of the local D.A. office which has been gearing up for a murder case, and her boyfriend Nick Gordon would be their first person of interest. Police said there were bruises on Bobbi Kristina’s face and body after Gordon and a friend, Max Lomas, found her in the tub.


One of Bobbi Kristina’s last messages on Jan. 29th a Tweet: “On my own.”

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