Boldly Hide Your Router in the Open with Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise!

router1Your router probably isn’t much to look at, in fact it is probably an unattractive looking brick. But they are a necessary evil. A browse of the internet came up with some fantastic idea on how to hide your router.

You can go with a few of the nice simple hiding methods found on Pinterest

  1. As an old book. Simply find a garbage hardcover book and rip out the guts, this gives your router lots of air circulation while making it attractive1_book-coverage
  2. As several old books. If you have a larger router, finding a single book that is big enough might be difficult so do like this and use several of them to create a false front.hiderouter

Or you can leave it out in the open and make it catch some attention.

What started out as a Ubiquiti Unifi AP-Pro Router has now become a beautiful piece that any geek would be proud to call their own.router

unbehandelt took a router (albeit a slightly different looking router) and combined it with a standard Enterprise model kit from Revell and produced this work of art.enterprise routerIf you are interested in seeing how they did it then check out their Imgur page.