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Reading Bust takes me back to the good old underground independent days of comic books, with titles like Caliber Press’s The Crow from James O’ Barr or even the ultra horror comic book Faust by Tim Vigil from Avatar Press. While the black and white art in Bust may not be what the modern fans likes to see from a Marvel or DC type comic book, the heart of an independent passion is what clearly shines through. Bust describes itself as a mix of Fight Club meets Mad Max, I would more liken this comic to a mix between Gladiator, Escape from L.A. and World War Z.

Jack the card hustler loved to deal the decks when he worked in the casinos. That was before the world went to shit and zombie-like creatures roam the world. Trying to save and defend his family, Jack is forced to find refuge in one of the few towns left. This one is surrounded by walls for protection but the real threat is from the inside. The man in charge of this new world is a tiny man with a very large ego. How did Jack get from his days of protecting his family to finding himself brutally fighting in the arena for his life and freedom. That is what we will find out in reading Bust.

From writer Dave Cook who had this to say about his book Bust.

“I always describe Bust as Mad Max meets Fight Club, which usually gets people going wide-eyed with intrigue. It’s post apocalyptic and set in a world full of mutants – not zombies! – but even then its the humans who take centre stage. I wanted to capture what life would be like in a dying nation ravage by a plague, gripped in fear, and teetering precariously on the brink of anarchy. Come issue #2 the world is truly in a sorry state, and the worst aspects of humanity run rampant. You just have to ask yourself – what would I be willing to do in the middle of a global societal collapse? That’s what Bust attempts to get you thinking about – the price of your own morality.”

A very good first attempt at a comic book from the creative team of Dave Cook and Chris O’ Toole. With time they will only improve and so will Bust. Another great title from Insane Comics, the leader in underground independent comics.

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PopCultHQ Rating:

PopCultHQ 4 out of 5 stars
*** PopCultHQ 4 out of 5 stars ***



Official Synopsis:

Best described as Fight Club meets Mad Max, Bust #1 tells the story of Jack, a card hustler from Las Vegas thrust into a world of post-apocalyptic insanity. After a mutant plague ravages America, Jack is forced to provide for his family, no matter the cost. When his hustling ways backfire, Jack is forced to pay of his debts by fighting in a gladiator arena against waves of hideous abominations. Will he survive with his life and sanity intact?

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