C2E2 Cosplay Photos – Deadpool Everywhere

Deadpools are very common at conventions. As my stepson stated at his first convention, throw a rock and you’ll hit a Deadpool. With the release of the movie I expected to see a lot of Dead floating in the Pool. So I made it my goal this convention to snap as many Deadpool as I could.

I was actually a little disappointed in the quantity I found, but there were still some pretty good ones. Out of the canon variety DeadPool, I think GrootPool was the most original.



And for the non-canon Deadpool, I think PyramidPool is the best, though I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he is canon too.

Deadpools (53)

I would love to see people do some of the other members of the Deadpool army such as Pandapool, Duckpool, Evilpool, or Galactuspool.

I am certain that I missed plenty of Deadpools, but enjoy my Gallery of Pool