C2E2 Group Cosplays #C2E2 #Cosplay #StanLee


There were a lot of costumes at C2E2. Many people dressed as individual characters and went to have fun with their friends and  a lot of people matched a friend to make a couple cosplay. The best though are the groups of friends and family that play an entire cast of characters. A group takes a lot of effort because you want everyone coordinated and you want to avoid duplicates.

A family is probably easier to make a cosplay group out of because everyone is (generally) under the same roof and the costuming is usually only made by one or two people. When a large group of friends manages to pull off a group cosplay, that is an amazing feat. Here are just a few of the group cosplays that were at C2E2 this weekend:

And the Spaceballs Group even got Stan Lee and Max Brooks in on the action:

max brooks
Photo Courtesy of Will Byington
spaceballs 2 (600x597)
Photo Courtesy of Will Byington

Honorable mention goes to the Indiana Jones Group with their Ark, unfortunately that is when my camera had chosen to die and my phone did a horrible photo.

Thank you to Will Byington for letting me use his photos, he is a wonderful photographer. And thank you to Groovie Louie for organizing such a fabulous group of Spaceballs