Cap is Back! Steve Rogers To Return To Marvel Comics

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Cap is back! Last night at 8:00 p.m., ABC aired their televised hit Marvel’s Captain America: 75 Heroic Years. It gave us viewers a little run down of Cap’s history and mainstream issues over the past 75 years, but for all of us speculators they threw in a little Easter egg, if you will, revealing that the original Captain America, Steve Rogers, is returning back to us readers as what looks to be an all-new Cap. The comic release is set for summer 2016. Now if you’re like me after seeing this, I did some searching and was able to dig up some concept sketches of the all-new revamped Captain America.



Looking over the art, a big eye popper was the fact that Steve was holding a totally all-new shield design. At first glance I thought, “hey awesome, they’re using the throwback shield,” but after careful revision I’m seeing that there are no curves or grooves in the upper portion of the shield giving this thing a sleek new design. Looking over for a third time I’m seeing that the shield has some sort of breakaway detail that gives Cap two smaller shields, one for each hand. The fine writers and artists at Marvel also gave us a look at what could be the new cover for the 2016 Cap release.


CA2The cover features four characters; two of them being harder for me to make out, but the third being none other than The Falcon, but not in his normal old Falcon uniform. He’s still in his Captain uniform and still sporting the old circular shield. As a long time Captain America and Marvel fan myself, this raised some question that I hope we as readers will see answered. Is Falcon also still titled Captain America and will Steve Rogers also have that title? Is the new shield still made from Vibrainium, and how did they obtain the material for it? Did Tony Stark design and create the shield for the revamped Cap or who did? Stay tuned as I’ll keep digging to updated you readers.

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