CBD Comic Book Displays – Frames Review!


Want to know what really grinds my gears? Seeing a gorgeous valuable comic book being displayed on a wall the improper way. But what other way possible is there to display a comic without using a cheap glass frame that can barely be hung on a wall securely? PopcultHQ has just the perfect product that every comic book fan needs in their life.


Comic Book Displays has come up with the ingenious way to safely display any treasured comic book, poster (11×17), and even your very own encased graded comics you may have in your collection!! All of this is done with the simple slip in-and-out top loading slots that are specifically designed for the quickest most efficient way to change and display your collections. As the video (below) shows, the complete simplicity of the astounding CBD wooden frames and how well your comics are protected as well!


Each comic book and 11×17 poster frames comes with a hard plastic top loader that is also safe for your valued item by not cracking if any accident should happen. The custom-made frame that can only be made and bought from CBD can also be purchased in a few different colors. Currently you can get the standard black frame; also available is green, blue or red colored frames.


Here’s a few things I have personally put up safely on my wall far away from direct sunlight, all nicely tucked away thanks to Comic Book Display CBD frames. These frames are on my highest MUST BUY list!


To order your very own Comic Book Displays: CBD Website


CBD Website: Comic Book Displays

Comic Book Displays creates custom frames to display your comic books. Founded by Dave Music in 2012, he had a simple concept – to produce simple, attractive frames that not only display, but protect your comic books. CBD was born, and has been providing frames throughout North America ever since.

How CBD’s work video:


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  1. Were you paid to write this review? I bought a couple at C2E2 last year. The frames do work for short term display. But it’s a lazy design . And the porous material they’re made from makes them impossible to clean the tops once they get dust on them. And the lack of ability to seal the toploader still allows for problems.

    • Hell no we don’t get paid for reviews! I won’t even take solicitations from friends. I have to actually like a product if we’re going to talk about it here. Reviews come right from the heart.

    • Well, a “lazy design” but if Wade bought them last year….why did he buy them? And more than one? And the new design was just debuted in March of this year, not at c2e2 last year. However, if wade has a better non “lazy” design, we would love to see how he does it.

  2. What improvements have you made? I have one of your older designs and the clips that hold the top loader in dont move far enough to take my book in or out easily I usally put lower priced books in my CBD frame because I afraid of bending my book to get it in the frame.

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