Check Out the Trailer for Upcoming Horror Flick “Clowntown”

2016 is the year of the clowns. Not the fun ones from the circus, but the ones that creep you out! With the announcement of Stephen King’s IT making a comeback, Rob Zombie’s 31 arriving in September, and Eli Roth’s hugely anticipated Clown finally making its limited release in the U.S. on June 17, it seems fans will be getting twisted images of these painted incarnates embedded into their heads. Here come the nightmares!

Clowntown is the latest film to enter the nightmare-inducing nightmare arena. It is the directorial debut from Tom Nagal with Jeff Miller (The Burning Dead) serving as writer and producer. A trailer for the upcoming horror flick (as seen below) gives you a feel of the spine-tingling and frightening imagery we can expect.

Clowntown‘s synopsis:

A group of friends get stranded in a seemingly deserted small town and find themselves stalked by a violent gang of psychopaths dressed as clowns.

Here’s the trailer for the creepy new horror flick coming to theaters… Clowntown!

Clowntown posterDirected by – Tom Nagel
Written by – Jeff Miller
Producers – Jeff Miller, Christopher Lawernce Chapmen, Brian Nagel, Tom Nagel
Executive Producers – Jeff Miller, Ron Lee, Christopher Chapmen, and Brian Nagel
Starring – Brian Nagel, Lauren Elise, Andrew Staton, Katie Keene, and David Greathouse
Featuring Greg Violand, Maryann Nagel, and Ryan Pilz

Clowntown is scheduled to be released in theaters later in 2016.

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