Check out this Mod – PlayStation and Xbox Join Together in one Portable Unit!

PSXI have seen some great case mods over the years. I’ve seen game units done in steampunk and beautiful wooden computer cases, and even TARDIS computer towers, but most of the case mods I see are more for aesthetics than function. Occasionally the case mods are so someone can fit in an extra processor, fan or other component that they want to add in; they are already building a bigger case, so why not make it fancy.

These mods by edsjunk take the cake. He has done something astounding with gaming systems that make me wonder why I didn’t think of that?

He puts gaming systems into laptop forms. Not only does he make your gaming system 100% portable, he also combines gaming systems into one neat package.

Check them out:
PXthumnail2-600x300This custom built unit is a PS4 and XBOX ONE combined into a 22” Laptop form. It has a 22” Vizio Screen and both units play great.


20141028_003245-600x300This is what he calls his XBOOK Dual, it combines an XBOX ONE and an XBOX 360 into one compact 22” unit.

I don’t know about you but these units are a gamer’s dream. Thanks to Ed you can now take your system with you anywhere in one self-contained unit. And if you have a few extra bucks he’ll even make it a two-for-one deal. What could be better?