Comic artist J. Scott Campbell causes an uproar over new Wonder Woman look!!


On this issue, I as a writer will not be passing judgment and I am not picking sides on this topic… I am just reporting what I see going on. What is going on is the comments made by Comic Book artist J. Scott Campbell over the new look given to DC comics Wonder Woman post New 52 “Convergence” by new series creative team David and Meredith Finch!

The comments that are seen below (in picture) were posted on Campbell’s Facebook page:

J. Scott Campbell FBComments

Like I said I don’t want to say anything about either artist’s work since I personally am a huge fan of both. But I will pass along the facts I do know. We would like to know your thoughts on this matter so far?

The comic book community is in total uproar these comments. With statements like

“I just…that statement….it’s not okay to say that…”

“I think people are missing the point that he is also saying that he thinks muslim women = taliban since they are all covered up. which is a really ignorant way to think.”

“This just started a huge discussion and rage rant between me and my husband. He used to look up to J Scott Campbell when as a young artist. Now he’s planning on adding shoulder pads to the female character he’s currently drawing haha”

“He also totally ignores that not all Muslim women are limited by their individual country’s laws in what they wear or/and choose to wear the hijab or other clothing articles to express their faith and as a personal choice. There are also Western countries who have tried to limit their choice to wear the hijab which is also oppressive. Ignorant as FUCK.”

“Fun fact, because I just did a crapton of research on historical Amazons for Reasons. The Amazon culture is likely inspired by the Scythians, who were horse archers (as it turns out, physical gender differences mean way less when you’re on a horse and have a bow). One thing you really, really want to wear when riding a horse? Pants.”

“Why would a amazon warrior be worried about looking feminine in the first place?”

“Funny how keeping WW in essentially the same outfit since 1941 is fine, but replacing it with something infinitely more practical is a “knee-jerk” reaction. Also, since those are metal, I’d say they’re not “





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