Comic Book artist Norman Lee has been presumed ‘Deceased’.

I don’t even want to write an article on this extremely sad news……but Popculthq is here to give you facts. They are that the search for missing Marvel and DC comic book inker Norman Lee has been called off, CNN reports. Lee is presumed dead.

Lee, 47, was reported missing last week on Thursday during a snorkeling trip with his wife off the coast in the Caymans. Strong currents hindered the search for Lee, which lasted until Friday evening when search and rescue was changed to recovery. Today comes the news from CNN that has the long time inker for both Marvel and DC comics Is reported as most likely ‘deceased’.

“It is unlikely that we will make any recovery at this stage,” Chief Inspector Brad Ebanks told Cayman 27 News.

Norman Lee
Norman Lee

Norman Lee Artist bio – Graduated with a BFA in illustration/design. In 1996,
he began his career in comics working on the Wolverine Annual
for Marvel Comics. He then moved onto the monthly title
Deadpool and numerous fill-in books such as Cable, X-Force,
Captain Marvel, and Avengers: Supreme Justice TPB. Norman
has also worked with DC Comics on Supergirl and Starman,
Disney on Disney Adventures, SCI FI Channel on Mean Planet,
and Dark Horse on Spyboy/Young Justice, Planet of the Apes,
Buffy, Alien vs. Predator, Magic: The Gathering, and Spyboy.
Norman has most recently worked on such titles as AVX,
Wolverine and the X-Men, Astonishing X-Men, X-Men, and a host
of other Marvel titles.

Norman is very much loved by fans and fellow artists as a resounding amount of love and prayers are pouring out all over the Internet for Lee, his wife, family and friends. Norman will be very much missed.

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