[Comic Book News] Alterna Comics’ Hit Miniseries TRESPASSER by Justin M. Ryan, Kristian Rossi & DC Hopkins Wraps Up w/ Issue Four on 12/20

Everything Ends this December in Alterna Comics’ TRESPASSER

The critically acclaimed mini-series TRESPASSER, comes to a thrilling conclusion this December at your local comic shop. 

Written by Justin M. Ryan with art by Kristian Rossi and letters by DC Hopkins, TRESPASSER presents a suspenseful look at an isolated small family who are visited by an otherworldly—and very unwelcome—stranger. What follows is a pulse-pounding and tragically human tale.

In his debut series, author Justin M. Ryan tells the story of Hector Ramos and his daughter Maria who live in seclusion following an unknown global catastrophe. The two come into contact with an injured being in the woods—not an animal, but not quite human either. Unsure of what else to do they first to be helpful and tend to the trespasser’s wounds, but with no way to know the creature’s intentions, paranoia and panic begin to set in.

“The idea which became the basis for TRESPASSER bloomed from a mental image I had of an alien caught in a bear trap,” Ryan says. “The idea of a human finding a potentially deadly trespasser at their mercy was an interesting enough thought to me that I decided to expand on it. I particularly enjoyed writing an ‘alien’ story that fell well outside of the usual invasion set up.”

Accompanied by atmospheric, moody artwork from Kristian Rossi (Moonshine, Chambers, Miss Capi), TRESPASSER has been released in single issue format as part of Alterna Comics’ $1.50 newsprint initiative. The fourth and final issue will be released on December 20, 2017

“TRESPASSER is about xenophobia, and isolationism. Really though, it’s about family, a father and a daughter, and what they mean to each other — but it’s also about the end of the world and aliens with laser guns.”

Issues 1-3 of TRESPASSER are available now along with Alterna’s other $1.50 (or less) titles
and can be found in comic shops, bookstores, and newsstands across the world. 


Justin Ryan is an author from Florida. He began writing at an early age and has experimented with screenplays, novels,  and short stories, but keeps finding himself coming back to comic books. TRESPASSER is his debut series.





Born in Rosario (Santa Fe – Argentina) on April 30 1980. Kristian began drawing at the age of 9, mainly dedicated to traditional line drawing, inspired by American comic artists, and Japanese anime and manga artists. His early works were mainly focused around animation, both traditional and digital, where he had the opportunity to work on various projects including several series and two feature films. Eventually, Kristian delved into the world of comics under the guidance of Argentinian comic masters like Marcelo Frusin and Eduardo Risso, who he is currently assisting. Kristian has been working as a comic artist for many years now, in titles like The Temporal, Chambers (Arcana), Kid Chaos, Horro City (Legion), Miss Capi (CB Ediciones) and Trespasser (Alterna). He’s also working alongside Eduardo Risso on his lastest work, Moonshine (Image Comics) where he’s doing colors. Kristian is also a film and music buff.





DC Hopkins is a freelance comic book letterer and designer, as well as a staff member of Deron Bennett’s AndWorld Design studio. Some of his clients include IDW, Black Mask, Red 5, Lion Forge, Disney, Heavy Metal, and Tor. He’s currently lettering the ongoing DARKWING DUCK series, bringing him back full circle to his childhood.





Founded in 2006 by current president and publisher Peter Simeti, Alterna Comics titles are distributed worldwide in print and digital formats and in several languages. In January 2012, FUBAR Vol.2 reached #6 on the New York Times Best Selling Graphic Books list. In 2016, Alterna released their first major motion picture, the death row horror thriller – The CHAIR. The film stars Bill Oberst Jr., Tim Muskatell, Noah Hathaway, Zach Galligan, Naomi Grossman, Ezra Buzzington, Roddy Piper and many others.

Alterna Comics titles are found wherever books are sold.




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