Coming Spring 2016 From Insane Comics – ‘From The Ashes’

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COMING SPRING 2016 FROM INSANE COMICS FROM THE ASHES Creator, Illustrator, Inker, & Co-writer – Dan MacKinnon Co-writer – John Rathiganthan Flats – Hans Chow Colorist – Javi Laparra Letters – Sean Rinehart

Synopsis from Creator and Illustrator Dan MacKinnon:

From the Ashes is set in a classic fantasy world with Elves, Dwarves, magic, and monsters. The book sets a grim tone and puts our main characters at the end of a war that they lost. Evil has triumphed and the world is in a bad state.

The story is told through the eyes of Felgar, a Dwarf Cleric who has lost all hope. He was there at the final battle where he saw the world fall into the clutches of darkness, and he feels the weight of his failure to stop it. Felgar wants nothing more than to wander into obscurity and let the world move on without him but fate has other plans. Felgar finds himself swept back into the battle for redemption and is forced once again to help the world rise…. From the Ashes

Official Press Release:

Insane Comics and their movement towards making an impact in the indie comic industry? The answer would be a definite NO and they are showing it with yet another release announcement – FROM THE ASHES From The Ashes is a dark fantasy tale about a realm on the brink of extinction. The survivors of a magical armageddon attempt to piece their world together and find a way to turn back the tide of evil. Desperate times make for unlikely alliances as a group of heroes fight a losing battle against a Necromancer of unimaginable power.  #InsaneComics #FromTheAshes

From the Ashes
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