Complete Your Batcave With These Accessories

allNo secret lair is complete without accessories and the Batcave is no exception. Check out these cool display pieces that can be the final touch that makes your lair finally complete.

Batman Forever Folding Batarang

batarangThis detailed die-cast replica of the Batman Forever folding Batarang is 12” wide and 2” tall and can fold, just like in the movie, to just 2”. But do you really want to fold it up so you can tuck it somewhere? No, you want to display this beauty, which is why it comes with it’s own display stand with light. This is a limited run of just 300 pieces, so you not only get a beautiful batman display piece, but a collectible limited item.

Batman Batarang

batman-returns-batarangsYou don’t get just one, but three life-size light-up replicas of the Batarangs used in both Batman and Batman Returns. You can use the convenient display stand for them, or remove them from the stand and create your own unique display. This is limited to just 500 pieces.

Batman Utility Belt Prop Replica

batman-prop-replica-utility-beltEvery Batman needs a utility belt; after all, he needs to store all of his toys. This may not be a movie replica, but it could easily pass for one and it is the perfect place to store the Batarangs. No batcave is complete without at least one of these.

This faux leather belt has eight pouches, a black metallic finish and, of course, a Bat symbol belt buckle. And best of all, it is wearable. It fits up to a 34” waist.