[#ConanNYC] Last Night on CONAN – 11/7/17: Jon Stewart Gives Conan The NYC Citizenship Test | Keegan-Michael Key

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Tuesday, November 7th, Conan welcomed
Keegan-Michael Key w/ a special appearance by Jon Stewart
at the Apollo Theater for #ConanNYC

#ConanNYC Monologue 11/07/17:

Conan jokes about the Broadway revival of “Hello Dolly,” the gentrified Harlem Globetrotters,
and the colorful language of New Yorkers.

An Exclusive Preview Of “Adams: The Musical”:

An exclusive preview of “Adams,” a musical about the life of Samuel Adams
that critics are already calling “another musical about a founding father.”

The “Law & Order” Dead Body Tour:

New York City offers “Seinfeld” tours, “Sex And The City” tours,
and now, thanks to our friend Carmine Dununzio: a “Law & Order” Dead Body tour.

Conan’s Macy’s Parade Pitches:

How could The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade turn down the Conan Strike Rat balloon?

Jon Stewart Gives Conan The NYC Citizenship Test:

Jon Stewart stops by to quiz Conan on his Big Apple bonafides
and announce Conan’s new Omaze experience in conjunction with Night of Too Many Stars.

Keegan-Michael Key’s Enthusiastic #ConanNYC Entrance:

Keegan is pretty excited to be on the Apollo stage for the first time.

Keegan-Michael Key’s Dead-Eyed YMCA:

Keegan lives in New York City now, so it’s only natural that he root for the Yankees
— in his own unique and very precise way.

Keegan-Michael Key On Key & Peele’s Influence On Touchdown Celebrations:

Keegan and Jordan Peele were surprised what a huge influence their sketches had on real NFL players.

Keegan-Michael Key On “The Predator” Remake:

Keegan is a big fan of the original 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle and the way that Arnold says “CHOPPAH.”

Keegan-Michael Key Didn’t Expect Theater Audiences To Be So Vocal:

Being an improv performer, Keegan is used to people talking to you.
But he didn’t think it would happen while performing “Hamlet.”


On Wednesday, November 8th, Conan welcomes

President Bill Clinton and comedian Jack Whitehall

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