[#ConanNYC] Last Night on CONAN – 11/8/17: President Bill Clinton | Jack Whitehall

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Wednesday, November 8th, Conan welcomed
President Bill Clinton and comedian Jack Whitehall
at the Apollo Theater for #ConanNYC

#ConanNYC Monologue 11/08/17:

Conan jokes about Mayor Bill de Blasio, albino rhinos,
and how President Trump’s thumbs are dealing with Twitter’s new 280 character limit.

Existential Thoughts From The Voice Of The New York Subway System:

Charlie Pellet and his iconic voice are here to remind you to stand clear of the closing doors
— of the subway and of your life.

President Bill Clinton On Dictators, Democracy, & Why We Need Immigrants More Than Ever:

President Clinton talks about how much America has changed in the 25 years
since he was elected the 42nd President of the United States.

What President Bill Clinton Misses About Being President:

President Clinton was disappointed to learn that once you leave office,
they stop playing “Hail To The Chief” when you walk in the room.

President Bill Clinton & Conan Compare #PuberMe Photos:

President Clinton looked like Elvis when he was an adolescent. Conan did not.

President Bill Clinton’s Early Work As A Grocery Store Stocker:

Before he devoted his life to politics, President Clinton stocked (and dropped) groceries
and started a very profitable used comic book store.

President Bill Clinton Gifts Conan A Bobblehead:

President Clinton’s bobblehead takes up residence next to Conan’s beloved President Eisenhower mug.

President Bill Clinton On The Clinton Foundation’s Focus On The Opioid Epidemic:

President Clinton and his foundation are trying to build out basic treatment and education about the opioid epidemic. Visit clintonfoundation.org to learn more.

Jack Whitehall Misses Having A Dumb Phone:

Jack longs for his Nokia 3310, a phone that gave a man all he needs: a stopwatch, calculator, and Snake.


On Thursday, November 9th, Conan welcomes

The Cast of “Daddy’s Home 2” and comedian Jon Dore

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