[Convention] Cosplay Photos: Chicago TARDIS 2019

Chicago TARDIS is an annual North American, science fiction convention focusing on the television series Doctor Who. It is held the weekend after Thanksgiving at the Westin Chicago Lombard.

This is a well-laid out event that allows you to get close and personal with the celebrities they bring in. This year’s big name draws included Paul McGann, Sylvester McCoy, Arthur Darvil, and Tosin Cole.

They had autographs and photos in separate rooms and a nice efficient queuing system that let everyone run through quickly and easily, without excessive lines.

The only complaint I have about this event is their ticketing staff. They overcharged me. I brought an 11-year-old with me and had to buy him a ticket; they charged me $50 despite their site claiming he would only be $25.

They specifically asked me if it were only for Saturday, then when they billed me $50 for a child’s one-day admission, I questioned it and was told, “It’s cheaper online.” I vaguely recalled that I might have seen something about $10 more expensive in person, but $10 is a far-cry from doubling the price. When I returned home that evening, I could not find anything about a price increase on the website. The $50 was the adult price, but they obviously did not mistake him for an adult, as they gave him the “child” ribbon.

It’s a fun event, but way overpriced for a one-day child’s admission, and not worth the money to return to for a family.

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