Cosability: Advocacy for Disabled Cosplayers at Alamo City Comic Con

This year’s Alamo City Comic was a huge success. But in between all the celebrity photo ops, live wrestling, and children making crafts, there was a presentation scheduled every day to promote advocacy for disabled cosplayers. The 14-year-old presenter, Kirsten Passmore, outfitted her electric wheelchair as Davros (from Doctor Who, for those non-Whovians).


Kirsten then gave recommendations of costumes for those with varying disabilities. Popular culture has more examples than I had realized, as Kirsten pointed out to the audience such as Professor X, Nick Fury, Barbara Gordon (after being shot by the joker), Daphne from “Heroes”, Hiccup from “How to Train Your Dragon,” plus many more. Of those examples, she then gave some details on how easily they can be cosplayed.

In the audience itself were several children and adults with disabilities. On Sunday, RJ Mitte (Walter Jr. from “Breaking Bad”) made a guest appearance. Mitte has a mild form of cerebral palsy.


I applaud Alamo City Comic Con for having a presentation that raises awareness to a community that may feel singled out. As one audience member said to Kirsten, “Comic cons are about acceptance.”

I hope Kirsten continues her quest to educate and others are inspired to participate. If you’re interested in more information about Cosability and Kirsten’s presentations see:


*photo credit to Cosability on Facebook*

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