Cosplay Anyone? Anovos is a Great Place to Start Your Search

logoAre you a Star Wars Fan and always thought it would be cool to dress up as a stormtrooper or maybe Han Solo for Halloween then you really want to check out Anovos productions, LLC. They specialize in Star Wars Gear and you can get a complete Darth Vader, Storm Trooper, Snow Trooper, or Imperial Officer. If you lean more towards the rebels they have a smaller selection but you can chose between Lukes Bespin Fatigues or Hans outfit.

sw-luke-bespin-retail-0Now if you are more of a Battlestar Galactica type person, they also have you covered. Apparently they are out of the classic show material, but if you keep an eye on them they might restock.bsg-triad-cards-retail-1_grandeOther sci-fi genres they cover include Star Trek and Enders Game. My personal favorite is the Triad Card Deck from Battlestar Galactica. Anyone want to buy me a deck?

sttos-uhura-dress-stnd-retail-1If you are a mystery box lover then Anovos had even you covered with their monthly mystery box. These are available around the 20th of each month available in limited quantities. You start by picking how much you want to spend ($20, $25, or $50) and then you pick which theme you want you can chose from Battlestar Galactica, Ender’s Game or Star Trek. Unfortunately Star Wars is not available in the mystery box, but you may have a chance at some really interesting stuff by telling them to Make it Interesting!, stuff for this is pulled from their present catalog and also includes items that are not available to the specific franchise / saga boxes.