Cosplay Photos – Dupage Mighty Con

Dupage Mighty Con 2016


On Saturday Mighty Con was held at the Dupage County Fair Grounds, and as normal, this convention was a hit. This is an awesome convention, it’s small and intimate but not tiny. You have plenty of space to move around and there are a tonne of artists and vendors.

It’s a well run convention with easy access, plenty of parking and, unlike the ‘big’ conventions, you don’t need to mortgage your house to buy a ticket. The next Dupage Mighty Con is in June, but for our Northern neighbors there is the Milwaukee Mighty Con on February 21st and a Madison, WI show on March 6th.

Check them out, they are a great convention for cosplay, comics, artists, or just hanging out with friends

Photos by Jamie Tacit(Springtrap)

This weekends convention also had a costume contest that was sponsored by Tiny Tyrant Cosplay. Here are some great photos of the event that were taken by Amber Medrano