Cosplay Photos – G-Anime in Quebec, Canada

G-Anime is an anime convention held in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. It is a small convention that started in 2009 with only 828 attendees and has since expanded to include both a winter and summer event. With only a few thousand attendees, it is still considered a small convention but it is a convention done correctly and all the attendees love it.

This con doesn’t reach out too far for their guests; they bring a small selection of cosplayers, some YouTube names and a few local artists. Names that are interesting to people, but not going to break the bank.  This year they brought in the cosplaying duo Fabricated Dreams – Trash Bunny Cosplay and Dera Cosplay, and Darkarnival Butler.

Thank you to Yves Elou Légaré for the use of his pictures, check out his page to see the rest of them.