Cosplay Photos: IKKiCON 2017

IKKiCON 2017 Cosplay Photos by David DTJAAAM Ngo

The weather outside is frightful so some of us are looking towards conventions in warmer climates. This week’s cosplay convention is IKKiCON. This is a three-day anime convention held in Austin, TX.

This year’s guests included Luci Christian, Kevin Duhaney, Goldy, Darrel Guilbeau, Lauren Landa, Kyle “Ex-Shadow” Mathis, Malinda “Malindachan” Mathis, Bryce Papenbrook, Jeff Parazzo, SEC-C Cosplay, Blake Shepard, Teca, and Vitamin H Productions.

One of our favorite cosplay photographers, David “DTJAAAAM” Ngo, was on-site Saturday to capture some spectacular photos.  These are only a few that he took, check out the rest of them on his website:

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