Cosplay Photos: NWI Comic-Con

2018 marked the fifth year for the NWI Comic-Con (North West Indiana), which is a mid-size comic book convention that has more than just comics. They also features creators, cosplayers, and fans. This is a great chance to meet some of the faces behind a few of your favorite comics without fighting the crowds and lines of the big conventions.

This is a great convention that has, unfortunately, outgrown its location meaning that it’s pretty crowded. If they wish to expand further, they would probably have to leave the area to find a bigger location. The biggest complaint from everyone is regarding the entrance to the con. Even those who had previously purchased tickets online, did not get fast entry and had to stand outside in line for a significant amount of time. Eventually it all got sorted, but in the meantime there were several disgruntled patrons.

Overall, this is a great convention. It’s a nice selection of well-known comic artists, a good variety of vendors, and several fun costume contests.

This year’s photos were taken by Nick Maro of Power Cosmic Photography. Check out his Facebook page to see more great shots!