Cosplay Photos: San Diego Comic Con 2016 by Sunpech Photography

San Diego Comic Con 2016 by Sunpech

San Diego Comic-Con International (SDCC) has come and gone and we’ve updated you on every aspect we can find except one… cosplay.

Due to circumstances beyond control my previously scheduled photographer was unable to attend the con, so we didn’t get daily pictures. So instead we are going to have a few days of SDCC cosplay from various photographers perspectives.

Today’s photographer is Sunpech Photography, a self-proclaimed geek and Dim Sum enthusiast, who goes to a lot of conventions to take pictures of cosplayers and panels.

This is only a portion of the convention pictures he took. Check out his Facebook page to see them all in their full glory (rather than our reduced quality.)

When your done checking out his conventions photos, head over to his professional page to see his beautiful scenery work.