Cosplay Photos – Superman Celebration

Superman Celebrations 2016 by Ron Ladao

Metropolis Illinois was home to the 38th annual Superman Celebration over the weekend of June 9th. They had over 30,000 attendees and the weather was fantastic.

They had a variety of Superman-related guests including three actors who have played Jimmy Olsen – Mehcad Brooks from the current CBS series, SupergirlMichael Landes from the 1993 Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, and Marc McClure who played Jimmy Olsen in the Christopher Reeve Superman films.

I didn’t get to attend, but a friend Ron Ladao did and he did it justice by taking some great photos.

Ron Ladao Superman Celebration (4)

It’s something SO DIFFERENT from the conventions that I’m use to going.

Think of it as 80% county fair, mixed in with 20% comic con. There were some panels and game shows, I just didn’t really stay for them. There was other events for people who aren’t into the comic con thing like BMX biking, wrestling, arm wrestling, and a carnival. Even though it says Superman Celebration, you don’t have to be a hardcore Superman fan to appreciate the festival.

As for the dealers room, Artist Alley, and Viewing rooms. expect something REALLY different from what you’re use of seeing at cons.

As for the cosplaying, there was a well-mixed lot of beginners to pros representing. There’s a good majority of DC comic characters, with a side of Marvel characters. And there’s a small mixture of others from the anime and video game realm. As for the “other” category, the anime & video games, I was surprise that I saw them there from Attack on Titan to Pokemon to Five Nights at Freddy’s.

If you plan on going next year, Ron suggests that you keep one thing in mind when planning your cosplay…… “THIS PLACE IS ALL OUTDOORS the only “okay reasonable” place to cosplay indoors is in the Chamber of Commerce building. But that building is as big as a small department store. If you gotta cosplay in there, prepare for an ass whooping of summer heat blasting onto your cosplay, and you’ll be sweating all over..”

Overall, it’s an okay event to check out and experience. It maybe not be a Colossalcon killer, even if Superman Celebration have been going on for 38 years. But I do have to say, it was a helluva experience.

To me it looks a great family friendly con event to hit up next year.

Ron Ladao Superman Celebration (7)