DC Comics Jim Lee Inspired Superman and Batman Bookends

batman superman bookendBatman vs. Superman, who will win? This is a debate that DC fans have debated for years and maybe it will finally be answered in the upcoming movie.

In the meantime, you can have them both without the battle.

DC Comics has released these Batman and Superman bookends which are based on the artwork by Jim Lee. Superman is from the iconic cover image SUPERMAN #204 and Batman is off of the second printing of BATMAN #608.

These are beautiful renditions of the classic heroes, and they never have to face off against each other so you never have to decide who is better.superman bookend

These 8.75” tall bookends are sculpted by Tim Bruckner and Adam Ross and are the perfect way to display your graphic novels or superhero movies. And you’re not limited on where you put them because of the position, each figure rotates on its base so they can any direction you want.

batman bookendCheck them out, they should be available in many of your local comic stores.