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The French invasion of comic books has landed on the American shores and PopcultHQ is here to give you a run down of the best titles we have seen from this blitz of creative talents from the land of France! Thanks in large part to the great people at ComiXology who provide PopcultHQ with all the newest Delcourt issues to review, we have been enjoying all the spectacular stories from overseas. Delcourt Media has been around for a minute and they obviously know what they are doing in the comic book landscape with creations that even touch the manga crowds. Now it’s time for the American people to enjoy the talents of the French with Delcourt’s strong lineup of professional looking comics. Comics that will give any lazy U.S. indie creator a run for their money if they don’t step up their game, that is for sure!

Spin Angels


A HEAD-ON COLLISION BETWEEN JOHN WOO AND POPE FRANCIS! To settle an old debt of honor, a Godfather in the Mafia puts his best killer at the disposal of Vatican. This gun for hire is to work for a Cardinal, who manages a department of “secret agents” in discreet missions on the fringes of the Vatican’s religious administration…

Spin Angels #1: Operation Judas 1/2

 A 2000 year-old secret could shatter the power of the Vatican if it came to be revealed. And some are ready to kill to know it…

Angelo, a whiz kid with a gun, is hired by a powerful Cardinal, who’s overseeing the execution of the Church’s most discreet black-ops specialists and spies.

PopcultHQ Rating: 4 out of 5 Baguettes 

Review – What it remind me of: Spin Angels – At first when reading this issue I couldn’t help but think J. Scott Campbell and his badass Danger Girls. The first act of Spin Angels took us on a great Indiana Jones type adrenaline pumped adventure with a female lead. Second act we meet the powerful players behind the scenes that will set things in motion, the church interacting with the mafia!? Third act is the intro of Angelo our new lead character who is still a bit confused about what he has gotten himself into by the end of the fourth act. This super spy is entering a world he has never known and Spin Angels is there to help him. Spin Angels is a very fun read so far with a great twist on age-old concepts. I cannot wait to read the next issues!

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Iron Squad


Iron Squad #1 variant cover

THE UCHRONIC SERIES WITH MEKAPANZERS INSIDE!How will the appearance of a new technology in 1944 alter the course of World War II? And how will this lead the Germans towards Victory? In 1946, the Mecha War begins!

Iron Squad #1: Red Commando 1/2

On the Eastern front, as the last resistance of the Red Army falters, General Joukov gathers together the Red Commandos in order to save Moscow from the approaching Nazi threat.
In their mechanized armor, the greatest heroes of the Red Army participate in a last chance operation, to take hold of the greatest Nazi Mekapanzer and turn it against the German army!
PopcultHQ rating:  3.5 out of 5 Baguettes 
Review – What it Reminds Me Of: Iron Squad takes the ‘What If?’ approach at a look in time of history where Industrial Age technology has taken gigantic leaps forward, which allows the armies of WWII to the ability to fight in mecha type exo-war-machines. While we follow a group of roughnecks the lead of this series is a very strong willed woman who has no issues with giving men who underestimate her a piece of her mind and a boot up their ass as well. While the artwork was very sleek in this book I felt the story too cliché even for a displaced time-period piece, but it is still very early on in the game to give up on this title. It will get a few more issue reads from me unless it tanks out or vastly improves in my eyes. 



Josephine is in her “thirties”, as she says discreetly. She is not married, does not have any children, but she does have a cat. She is still hoping to meet the ideal man, and is working on it actively… At bars, at the gym, at wine clubs, via the Meetic online dating site… In the meantime, she buys herself designer bags at outrageous prices, has absolutely nothing to wear, and will start working out tomorrow, she promises.
Josephine #1
Josephine is plagued by misfortunes, but she is often her own worst enemy; she manages her professional relations and work poorly, struggles to be understood, is prone to blunders, and her love life is a succession of faux pas…Fortunately, Josephine is divine… And divinely funny! Of course, any similarity to any real young women, in real life, is entirely coincidental…
PopcultHQ rating:  5 out of 5 Baguettes MUST READ!!
Review – What it remind me of: There is nothing quite like Josephine on the stands here in the U.S. at this moment. This is one of those books that women, young woman and young teen readers will love! Each page is just a normal comic strip you would find in a newspaper, only now in comic book form which gives Penelope Bagieu all the freedom in the world to express her style. Even as a middle-aged male from this side of the pond, I couldn’t help but really enjoy and laugh at Josephine’s antics. This was such a surprise for me that I am calling Josephine my personal MUST READ pick of the Delcourt line!

Hauteville House

Variant cover
A STEAMPUNK, ESPIONAGE ADVENTURE, COMBINING HISTORY AND THE ESOTERIC!1864, under an imaginary Second Empire, Napoléon III uses his army and his secret service to study certain phenomena relating to the occult and to popular legends. His goal is quite simple: achieving world supremacy.

Hauteville House #1: Zelda 1/2

PopcultHQ rating: 4 out of 5 Baguettes 
Review – What it Reminds Me Of: At first read all I could think of was that this book had such a feel and look to Alan Moore and Kevin O’ Neill’s first volume of League of Extraordinary Gentleman. basically just in atmosphere nothing in the characters themselves mind you. It’s another “time-shift” tale where the history books are rewritten to take us on a mystical journey where the great Napoléon III is still in power and trying to rule the world as any proper evil-dictator would do. If you’re a fan of twisted history in a world of steampunk then Hauntville House will be right up your combustion pressure tubes! Still so much more to explore here.
  image image  image image



FIVE RACES IN THE SAME WORLD, FIVE WRITERS AND FIVE ILLUSTRATORS, FOR FIVE ENTHRALLING STORIES!Set against the backdrop of a shared world, five creative teams explore differing aspects of this Fantasy universe. Each pairing – writer and illustrator – bring their own vision of the world to life, while all five stories together paint a vivid image of this unique setting.

Elves #1: The Crystal of the Blue Elves 1/2

The Blue Elves of Ennlya, a small port town of Nordrenn, have been murdered!Lanawyn, a Blue Elf, and Turin, her human ally, set out to discover who is responsible. The trail they uncover leads back to a clan of Yrlans – Northern men who hate Elves.At the same time, Vaalann, a young Blue Elf, undergoes a dangerous test, that of the Water of the Senses. Her future, as divined by The Mother Prophetess, is closely linked to the Sacred Crystal… A powerful artifact, which enables the wielder to control the Ocean itself!Could Vaalann be the messiah that the Blue Elves have been waiting generations for?

PopcultHQ Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Baguettes 

Review – What it remind me of: Elves reminds me of the days when CrossGen was on the stands with tales of fantasy and adventure, creating new original characters in extremely rich environments. And when I speak of rich environments I just cannot tell you how rich this book looks and feels unless your reading it on digital mode. This comic is GORGEOUS! There was not a single time the panels didn’t just flow perfectly with the fantastic art and storytelling. After seeing the full panel layout on the two page spread below goes to show how masterfully crafted this comic was thought out by its creative team. Knowing this series will be different in each issue will be the long haul test if this series will sustain a great story. For the fantasy fan this book is defiantly for you. If you’re looking for a breathtaking new story to read and be embraced in fantastic artwork, then Elves is the comic for you to try out!



Variant cover
Moments after a successful take-off, the Space Shuttle Atlantis disappears mysteriously from NASA’s control screens.And that’s just the beginning… As the threat of Apocalypse hangs over the whole planet, it would seem that the future of Humanity has been plunged into chaos and obscurity… Heralding the worst for civilization.
PopcultHQ Rating:  2.5 out of 5 Baguettes 
Review – What it remind me of: To be honest I could not get into the long-winded writing. While the first act of the story really drew me in quickly, the rest of the book was difficult to stay awake on. Way too much development and nothing much of substance to keep me wanting more. I am not saying the story is bad at all either….I just need more issues to make a final decision on this series.
image image image

The « Modern » Man

Thomas keeps trying to pick up women, but is summarily rejected. He has not yet understood how feminism has changed the world; the women he meets are now quite direct and demanding, and his technique – whether it be in the street, in line at the movies, or pretending to do surveys – is utterly out of date. Little by little however, he begins approaching women with a bit more delicacy and decency, but he still finds himself in awkward, impossible situations…Complete story.

PopcultHQ Rating:  4.5 out of 5 Baguettes 

Review – What it remind me of: The only other book I can think of that comes close to such an in-depth introspective look at ones life that is then cartooned for the world to see, is ‘American Splendor’ by the great Harvey Pekar. The writer of this series is BRAVE beyond belief and there is no greater joy to see that in a comic book today. Some fresh honest storytelling…..even if that comes from the daily life of a mundane man who has no idea how to interact with “today’s woman”. This book is just like the other Delcourt favorite I read ‘Josephine’, but now from the male perspective of single life looking for love in all the wrong places and in all the wrong ways. The only reason I pick ‘Josephine’ as a bigger hit then ‘The Modern Man’ is only for the fact that young men might not flock to this kind of read just yet. As Josephine is for all ages of woman and girls, only the older 20+ adult males will really dig ‘The Modern Man’. Both title are superb in my eyes.

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Delcourt French Comics on ComiXology: Delcourt on ComiXology and at your local comic shop has many more titles to check out. These other series (below) were books that I personally could not get into but to each his own. I may not like them but that does not mean they cannot find their own audience. I hope the American comic book crowd gives Delcourt comics a try at least, the French have come to invade our shores and I for one am not mad at all. I have been enjoying very much the comic book talents from France. 


Our comic book historian Christian did a review on Delcourt’s comic book “Tracking the Curse of the Wendigo” check it out here: Tracking the Curse of the Wendigo

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