English Teacher Brings Magic to Life for Himalayan Students

Anshu Agarwal is a freelance photographer who is currently teaching English in the Himalayan village of Garwal, Utterkhand. He has taken some beautiful photos of the landscape, nature and the people.

The most interesting of his photography work involved the children he was teaching. To aid his students, Anshu started having weekly showings of the Harry Potter movies and, of course, the students fell in love it.

Seeing how much his students loved the movies, Anshu decided to put his impressive photography skill to use to recreate a Quidditch match for them.

In an interview with metro.co.uk Anshu said “We constructed a nifty 1 foot high wooden bench, mimicked some broomsticks as shown in the movies and arranged for a volleyball.”

For four Sundays he captured the children in different locations clambering onto the fabricated broomsticks. Afterwards he took the best of those shots and did some Photoshop magic of his own to create children on broomsticks playing their own Quidditch match.

“On seeing the pictures, the kids’ eyes popped out,” Anshu told the Metro,”People there yelled out in amazement and I couldn’t stop grinning as I knew I did manage to rope in some more magic in this already enchanted village.’

Keep and eye on Anshu, I see some great things in his future