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Evolusion – is a brand new independent comic book series from creators  Mario Colao, R.J. Reyes and artist/colors Ryan Best. 

In the apocalyptic world found In the distant future – Humanity finally took itself to the edge of extinction!

A very decent read on the first issue, where I liked the no-holds barred action to start off the story between special forces troopers against F.O.E’s (Freaks Of Evolution). The mature tone of the writing is in your face, with proper vulgar language by soldiers in the heat of action and some real shocking deaths. You’ll see what I mean when the captain rescues his crew from a PRIME (A larger more evolved member of the F.O.E. species). Gore-tastic! Captain has a vendetta against the F.O.E’s and he’s taking heads…..literally! This is a first attempt at comics for these writers and they have done a great job of peeking my interest in wanting to learn more of where this story will go. The art is better than most indie books at this level of an upstart publisher, and I’ve been told the next issues lettering will be kicked up a notch. A good package all around.


Official Synopsis:

But Evolusion is not all about blood and bullets. There is a very deep backdrop to this series and who best to tell us about it then one of the creators himself, Mario Colao, who spoke with PopCultHQ about his new series.

“Evolusion takes place 20 years after the last world war destroyed most of the planet, taking almost all of humanity along with it. Human beings are now in the rebuilding process, trying to pick up the pieces (literally) of the world that was left behind. As the story progresses we learn that during the war, a virus unlike any the world had ever seen was released, killing some animals, plants, and humans, leaving some unharmed, and drastically changing the biological makeup of the rest.

Our story picks up in Nexus, which was formerly known as Chicago, and it is one of the few cities that was left standing. Here we follow a recently rescued teenager named Amir, as he, as well as the reader, are taken on a tour of a world that is familiar, but drastically different in many ways.

The world has changed. Many living things have changed. LIFE, has changed. But as we will come to discover, agents of good and evil still exist. And although the world has transformed, some things never die…” – Mario Colao 

Evolusion #1


Evolusion is independently published by 1 More Round Entertainment with copies sold from Indy Planet or by visiting with the actual creators of the comic at convention around the country. These are some very hard working creators getting their comic to the public the grassroots movement way and it’s gaining steam. The creators can be followed on Instagram for upcoming shows.

PopCultHQ Rating: 3.5

PCHQ 3.5

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

Preview pages

Comics sold by: IndyPlanet 

Publisher: 1 More Round Entertainment 


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