Excited For Terminator Genisys? Then Check Out Terminator Genisys Revolution – Free Mobile Game


A lot of hype has been going into the movie directed by Alan Taylor, Terminator Genisys.  It even looks to be promising enough that James Cameron (director of previous Terminator movies along with Titanic and Avatar) has given his blessing on the movie.  The movie is set to be released on July 1st of this year.

So what more could we possibly get out of the popular movie franchise?  A mobile game of course.

Brought to you by the studio Glu, this free third-person shooter has players joining the resistance to battle their way through post-apocalyptic locations in order to take down Skynet.  The game features customizable weapons ranging from weapons we see in the present day to futuristic types along with a ranking system of which players can be promoted.

terminator skynet

The experience is said to have simple and responsive controls making it easy for mobile users to navigate their way through and play the game.  It also follows a storyline written by the world famous sci-fi writer Dan Abnett, who is well known for his comic book writing and novels.

terminator 4

Want to know more about this free mobile game?  Click here for download information along with other details and check out the trailer below!