Five Four Club and Marvel Team Up to Bring Men a New Line of Superhero based clothing.

Some of us are lucky and no one really cares what we wear to work, just as long as we don’t show up naked everyone is happy. This means we can easily show of our love of comics and superheros though T-shirts, shoes or anything else we care to wear.marvel suit

Unfortunately, not all geeks are as lucky as I am, some of you are stuck in uniforms, but I have seen people manage to show off their favorite characters through pins, shoes or other accessories. Those of you that are stuck in formal office wear have less of a chance to show your geekiness. But now, there is hope.suit marvelMarvel has teamed up with Menswear Five Four Club to bring men a more distinguished line of clothing with a hidden geek factor. Subtle accents like Avengers buttons, superhero linings and hidden pockets give the clothing a slightly unique touch. Apparently some of the shirts are also reversible so you can make that quick getaway in the crowd by merely changing your clothing.

clothign line

Though if you ask me, the clothing looks a little too blah, the cut is seriously lacking on the suits and if you are buying a hoodie, why not just pick up a subtle superhero one instead of paying top dollar from Five Four for something that isn’t the least bit impressive?
As for the models above, they’ve gone for three that bear some resemblance to Thor,Tony Stark and Captain America, but the clothing on them looks cheap and rumpled. You would think that the stuff supposedly marketed towards the Tony Stark’s of the world would have a classier look to it. The Captain America style I can see as he’s supposed to be the all-American, but Thor’s look? I would think that Thor should be a little more rugged outdoor type wear.