Flash Gordon is to Get a Sequel

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Amidst the recent rash of movie reboots and the comic craze that is taking over the cinema. There is one classic that hadn’t been touched…yet. Or at least I thought until I started researching this article, then I discovered that there was miserable attempt at a Flash Gordon TV series in 2007.

It appears that Flash Gordon is in line for it’s own resurrection, and I am extremely grateful it isn’t a reboot. Thanks to a recent interview of Sam J. Jones by Den of Geek we now know that there will be another movie. Flash Gordon 2 will be a sequel to the 1980 Mike Hodges movie that starred Sam J. Jones as the title character.

According to Jones the VP of production at Fox Studios, Matthew Reilly, acquired the rights last year and hired John Davis (I, Robot and Predator) to write the script. There is no word on release dates or actors, but the former Flash Gordon actor did state that they wanted to use him, which to me means that he might return as an older version of Flash, or maybe a Hawkman.

That fact that this is a sequel and not a reboot makes me very happy as they aren’t going to ruin what has become one of my favorite movies. The question is now, which storyline will they use from here?

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