FOX & Friends Misinterprets Scenes from Marvel’s Sam Wilson: Captain America #1


They say fiction can be fun but it can stop being fun when it mirrors real life. Lately it has been the trend to inject comic books with political correctness as well as tackling real life politics.

It seems in some ways comic books have come full circle. Back in the 1940s Action Comics, Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America were used to promote the sale of US War Bonds. They featured stories which had our heroes aiding the allies; which was a current trend in most comics at the time as well.

Today, in some ways it’s becoming like the 40s but it’s not as fun. Even when the 1940s were being politically motivated by a sense of Patriotism or need to support our troops in some fashion, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby along with their contemporaries never lost sight of the genre. Everything still felt pulp, it was still the embodiment of a funny book. Today, it can seem to drip with agenda and panning to certain groups.

Sam Wilson: Captain America #1 dropped this week. One of the All-New Marvel Post-Secret Wars books. Nick Spencer (writer) has penned a rather cleverly written social commentary which can be taken in many ways, which I believe is the problem. The interpretation.

Today we saw a FOX & Friends report on their interpretation and once again Fox & Friends really messed up another national report. It is sort of funny that we here at PopCultHQ have to put Fox & Friends in their place!

Here is what FOX & Friends  on this issue, claiming Captain America supports illegal immigrants crossing over into the country. The actual report is “Captain America beats up Conservatives” Did they actually bother to do their homework about who the sons of the serpent are? Is FOX & Friends advocating that we harm illegal immigrants over arresting and deportation? They could never be so wrong. Typical FOX & Friends

I almost bought into it. Marvel at it again, doing something politically motivated but then I came to my senses and considered the source and thought, “Hey, I have that in my reading pile, let’s bump it up a notch.”

So I read Captain America #1.

We have a Captain America who has been cut off from the government. He was all but fired by Maria Hill in this issue. Captain America has been made a free agent, a wild card if you will. This isn’t his first time being released from the government and made his own man. Although it was indeed a different man with the shield back in the 80s when Steve rogers was fired and later when Steve Rogers distanced himself from the American government as far as being branded a traitor. You get the idea, the character has been on his own before.

I said earlier something about Fox & Friends interpretation.

Now here’s what REALLY happened:

In this issue there is a scene where some illegal immigrants are trying to make a sneak across the Mexico/ Texas border. there they are met by members of the Sons of the Serpent who have taken it upon themselves to guard the borders. The sons of the Serpent are a group of American racist super-patriots who oppose all racial, ethnic, and religious minorities. their gal is to subvert the country through hate crimes. Now they are the villains, stretching all the way back to Avengers #32 volume 1. Of course instead of allowing these innocent people, illegal immigrants or not to come to harm , Captain America steps in the way to stop the Sons of the Serpent.

SWCaptainAmericacoverFox & Friends feels Captain America is stopping them from keeping the immigrants out. No, that’s what this is and how it goes down. Fox & Friends thinks the Sons of the Serpent are a group of Americans who misunderstand our immigration laws. Fox & Friends speaks as if the Sons of the Serpent are just innocent misinformed people. They are SUPPER VILLAINS! They would just as easily harm that entire trio on that poor excuse for a news program same as these immigrants and anyone else who got in their way. As a matter of fact the Sons of the Serpent are all about destroying American way of life to meet their own ends and have even tried to do so.

Sam Wilson is not promoting illegal immigration nor is Nick Spencer saying he feels everyone in the South is violent. I’m sure if he wanted to write that social commentary he would just go ahead and use everyday people instead. No. he choose a group of villains who have had a 40+ yea history of this kind of racial hatred and violence. Spencer wrote and here’s the hard thing to imagine someone not understanding, he wrote a Sons of the Serpent story. It’s not the first time the Sons have threatened minorities in comics and the heroes have stopped them. Come on, FOX  & Friends, did you know the Sons of the Serpent was formed by  General Chen, an agent of Communist China as cover to steal secrets from scientist, Bill Foster.

Even if they weren’t Super Villains; they aren’t the United States Border Patrol. Is Spencer writing a politically driven Captain America story? Sure he is! But he wouldn’t be the first writer to so. Anyway, on with the truth,

The rest that they won’t show you

Looks like he's just stopping some super villains from harming unarmed people
The Sons of the Serpents aren’t some independent Conservative Militia Group… they’re super villains!

People whom I assume don’t even read these comics have been blowing this out of proportion. they have been using this as fuel for their own political maneuvers.

If people side with the Sons of the Serpent in this issue and feel that it is okay for a group with a mob mentality not to mention with obvious bad intentions for the country as a whole to come up, beat on and terrorize women and children who are defenseless and just looking for something better… well you need to get out of my and everyone else’s hobby.

Do I agree with our immigration policy? This isn’t the place to debate that but what I don’t agree with is harming innocent people and that’s what they are; innocent. sure, it’s a crime to hope the border but we catch them and send them back, we don’t threaten them and harm them. That is what’s wrong with this, there are people who actually feel the Sam Wilson Captain American is on the wrong side. Well let me tell you, Steve Rogers would defend those people which is why SHIELD and Commander Rogers did turn up in the end.

Before you comment on a couple of pages in a comic book, read the whole thing first. What will Fox & Friends say about this preview image just released by Alex Ross for a future Captain America issue? Will F&F say that this picture below is depicting how mixed race relations are bad?


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